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Last updated 28 Aril 2000


Compared to many overseas areas walking in Victoria is much more self reliant. You cannot rely on buying food along the way or finding a farm house to stay in. There are huts in many mountain areas but these are small and are often used by other walkers or by the cattlemen who own them. You can't expect to find food at these huts. Walkers in Victoria need to carry tents for their accomodation, carry their own food and a stove for cooking.

There are a number of dangers to be aware of. One of the most important is bushfires. The fire danger period is from December to March. Fire danger is advertised in newspapers, radio and television, usually under the weather report. The highest is total fire ban days. On these days no firs may be lit in the open, this includes camping stoves. Fires, including stoves, may only be lit inside permanent structures, not tents. There are heavy fines and prison terms for people breaking a fire ban day. Note that the state is divided into several fire districts and a fire ban may be declared for only some districts. If you don't have access to the news a hot day with strong northerly winds is likely to be a total fire ban. It is best to avoid bush walking on total fire ban days. For further information see the Country Fire Authority.

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