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VicwalkThis is the home page for Vicwalk, the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs. It includes a list of all member clubs and links to their home pages (if they have one). It has the latest Federation news, information on Federation rules and how clubs can join. There are links to other state Federations.
VMTC - Victorian Mountain Tramping ClubHome page of my club, the VMTC (Victorian Mountain Tramping Club). Includes some photos of club trips and the current club Walks Program.
Back Pack ReviewsAmerican (I think) site where you can enter reviews of packs. It does have some reviews of packs available in Australia and, of course, there's nothing to stop you adding your own.
John Chapman's Home Page This is the home page of John Chapman, well known for his guide books and articles in magazines. It includes a description of walking in each state and a gallery of his photographs.
Food DryingThis private site has information about food drying, vegetables, meat, fruit etc. Also has a list of books about drying.
Coleman GearThe site of Coleman Company who make a large variety of stoves and other gear.
Australian Alps Federal Environment department website. This website has information about the environment of the Alps and recreation activities. It isn't finished yet, of the pages on self-reliant recreation only the skiing page was up in early April.
Parks VictoriaParks Victoria is the management agency for Victorian National Parks. Under arrangements made by the Kennett government the management of National Parks is subcontracted out to a management agency. Parks Victoria is the former National Parks service but in theory the contract could go to anyone. The Bracks government has promised to re-introduce a National Parks service but so far no legislation has appeared in Parliament.
NSW NPWSHome page for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.
ACT Parks and Wildlife ServiceACT Parks and Conservation service official website.
Walking BritainCompany that does walking tours in Britain. Has an on-line weekly magazine and is seeking articles from around the world.
Riverton RockCompany that does tours in New Zealand.
Wises WildernessPrivate page, Australian based, with galleries of photographs, track notes etc. Well laid out.
MSR CompanyUS company that produces stoves and other outdoor gear.
Mountain DesignsAustralian Company that makes a wide variety of gear and also has a network of stores. The site has an updates section, with information such as special sales of gear, an on-line catalogue, a product index, a fabric chart with a brief description of the fabrics used in their products and an ordering pricelist. There is also the Mountain designs Alliance, sponsorship news which is about expeditions that they sponsor, climbing 2000, bulletin boards where you can submit your stories and photographs, and customer feedback. Last reviewed 18 April 2000.
Tracks and Trails Victorian Government Site with information about tracks and walks in Victorian Parks.
Bare Bushwalking This site is a database of places where you can bushwalk in the nude! You can submit your own suggestions.
Bushwalks in Canberra Region This site lists a number of walks in the Canberra region.
The Lamson adventuresPrivate page about an American family who moved to Alice Springs about 2 years ago. It has photographs of Central Australia, tips on camping, spider recognition, navigating without a compass and Dutch oven recipes. It has a page for converting Australian terms to American. Last reviewed 18 April 2000.
Recycled RecreationThis is a gear shop with 2 outlets in Melbourne and 1 in Sydney, that buys and sells second hand equipment. Last reviewed 24 Janury 2002.
Galactic BushwalkingSite with m,any links. Lists walks, lists of Parks, Clubs, Suppliers and Retailers. Also has tips and tricks Last reviewed 24 January 2002.

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