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11 April 2000Added this page and the walking links page.
Included navigation bars as tables on the top of all pages.
Changed background color.
16 April 2000 Added more Walks links and some links to the Walks Areas page
19 April 2000Added two more walks links
28 April 2000Added computer links and computer tips.
Reorganised walking areas to have a walking areas
page with a link to the Australian Alps Walking Track page.
Included general information on main bushwalking page
with links on bushfires, snakebite, spiderbite and exposure.
29 June 2000Added info on walks in Wilson's Promontory, particularly off track walking. Added link in skiing section.
4 August 2000Added information on Mt Buffalo in Bushwalking section and ski reports in xc-ski area.
25 August 2000 Added first gallery
16 October 2000 Added second gallery
3 January 2001 Moved to Netspace server
24 January 2002 Added 2 more walking links

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