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Jim Harker's Photo Gallery Page 1
Victoria, Australia


Cross Cut Saw and Mt Speculation

Cross Cut Saw and Mt Speculation, Wonnagatta - Moroka area, Alpine National Park 48 kB

Cross Cut Saw

Cross Cut Saw, Wonnangatta - Moroka area, Alpine National Park 28 kB

Chinaman's Creek

Chinaman's Creek, Northern Wilson's Prom 60 kB

Chinaman's Beach 40 kB

Chinaman's Beach, Northern Wilson's Prom 40 kB

Sunset over Corner Inlet

Sunset over Corner Inlet, Northern Wilson's Prom 44 kB

Tidal River

Tidal river from Tidal Overlook, Wilson's Prom 44 kB

I produced these images from photographic slides by having them scanned commercially, then using Digital Darkroom, image editing software produced by Microfrontier, to re-size the images to the size that I wanted.

To see page 2 of slides from a trip to the Cobberas in Easter 2000, click here.


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